Archero Latest 2.3.1 Version

How many movies, shows, animations have you watched in which the main character is transported to another world to fight the enemies? Well, archero is based on the same story. In the game, your lone archer is sent to another world to fight the evil waves.


The game was developed by Habby on 24 March, 2019. Archero is a role-playing action game. If you love to play with bows and arrows then this game is made for you. You can also categorize archero as a shooting game.

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archero latest version

android version5.0 and up
categoryrole playing/action
user reviews4.4
current version2.3.1
size104 MB
downloads 10,000,000+
osandroid , ios

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Archero’s features

  • skills: in archero, there are a number of skills that help you to conquer the dungeons. As your level increases, your number of skills also increases. To win, you have to create perfect combinations of skills.
  • Maps: there are so many different maps and stages in archero that will not let you get bored of the game.
  • Monsters: you will find tons of unique monsters in archero. Not only they differ in their appearances, but also their attacks are different from each other. At each level, you will find unique and more powerful monsters.
  • Equipment: to win the game, you have to collect and upgrade your set of equipment. Leveling-up your set of equipment will make you strong and powerful.
  • Obstacles: while fighting the enemies, you will find different obstacles on the map. These obstacles will help you in your cover-ups against the monster’s attacks.
  • Gems and coins: both the gems and coins will help you in your upgradings.
  • Angel: you will also meet with the angle throughout the game. Angel will bless your archer by either healing or by giving some skills.
  • Devil: like the angel, you will also meet with the devil. The devil will give you tempting offers, but in return, it will also take something from you.
  • Realistic 2d action: the game entertains you by its amazing action. Also, its top-down view makes it much more attractive and easy.
  • Talents and spirits: there are different talents in the game. Now, the spirits are like your pets or friends, which will heal you, and in the same manner, help you in your fight against monsters.
  • Tactics: to win against the evil waves, you will have to form excellent strategies. Because you are the lone archer, you need to be very careful.
  • Different characters: while playing the game you will notice that you can even change your character. Many people love the game due to this feature.
archero features

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What is archero mod apk?

Archero mod apk is the modified(hacked) version of the simple game. This cracked application has some advanced features that make it better than the original archero game.

Mod’s features

God mode

One of the amazing features of this modified version is the god mode. This mode enables you to become invincible. The enemies attack will have no damage on you in this indestructible mode. You will also have higher damage on monsters.

archero god mode

Many people do not like this hacked version because it makes the game too easy. Moreover, in no time you will finish the game using this mode version. But if you just want to end the game quickly, then this mode is for you.

Just like the God in this mode, no one can defeat you. No one can stand your attacks.

Free coins and gems

unlimited gems and coins

In archero mod apk, after you kill monsters you will receive coins. In the same manner, when you complete a mission and finish some other tasks, you will receive gems. Both the gems and coins help you in the leveling-up of your armors, weapons, etc.

You can also change your characters and have different skills by using gems and money. All the amazing stuff that you buy in the game depends on coins and gems. In the beginning, it is easy to collect them, but as your level increases, it becomes harder and harder.

With time, you will find it too difficult to earn them. That is when this modded version of the game will help you. As in this modded apk, you will receive unlimited gems and coins. This feature is loved by most of the archero users.

It not only makes the game easy but also at the same time, it does not cease to entertain you. When you use this hack apk, it gives you an edge over the enemies waves. Because of your upgraded set of equipment, now you become much more sturdy and powerful.

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Normally, in the game, the number of bows you need to shoot to kill the monster corresponds to monster strength. This makes the game very difficult, especially in the higher levels where there are dozens of monsters.

 one hit kill

To defeat monsters of higher classes, either you upgrade your weapons, or you increase your number of skills. This gets harder, especially in the higher levels.

To solve this problem and to ease you, the one-hit-kill mode apk is built for you. In this modded version, your only one hit will kill the monsters. No matter which class the monster belongs to your one bow will eliminate it.

Speed boost

Another amazing feature of hack apk is the speed boost. This increases the rate of your firing. The time your consecutive bows take to shoot decreases by using this modified version.

This feature of the archero mod apk not only helps you in your fight against the enemies, but also helps you in your long time survival in the game.

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Game plot

As discussed earlier, in archero, you are transported to another world. You are the lone fighter in the game. Eliminate all the monsters that come in your way because if you do not, then they will finish you.


You need to be extra careful in the game because the monsters can come from any of your side. They do not follow any pattern. They just have one goal, and that is to eliminate you. In the game, you will face only one situation, and that is do or die situation.

Either you kill all the monsters, or they will kill you, and you will have to start all over again. Remember, the incoming waves of the evils will get stronger and stronger. So to defeat them and to become the hero of the kingdom, you will have to become more powerful than your enemies.

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What makes archero more enjoyable?

The game is packed with many outstanding features that make it very interesting. In the game, you will have to be careful not only of the monsters, but also of the traps. Also, do remember that there are different types of traps set to defeat you.

There are also many talents and skills in the game. Acquiring them can be difficult, but that what makes archero more enjoyable. Skills and talents not only make the game fascinating, but also make it easier for you to win against the evil waves.

archero  talents and skills

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Also, in the game, there are many different maps. And each map is further divided into many stages. Also, the top-down view in these different stages make the game very appealing.

Different types of monsters also make the game more fabulous. Some monsters attack you by a direct hit, whereas the other shoot at you from long distance, making the survival harder for you.

The inclusion of the friendly pets, and all the simple and exclusive features make the archero much more enjoyable.

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System requirements

  • Any android device, with version 5.0 and up, is capable of running this apk.
  • Moreover, you can enjoy the game in any device of 1GB Ram and 8GB Rom or the higher configuration.

How to play archero?

If you are new and do not know how to play archero. Do not stress out, as we have got the archero playing guide just for you. Simply follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, use the joystick to move your player.
  • Your player will move corresponding to your joystick.
  • Move your player to the other room, by passing through the door.
  • You will see different monsters there.
  • When you release the joystick, your player will shoot the bows.
  • Aim at the monsters and release your joystick.
  • Your bow will hit the monsters.
  • Use the obstacles in the room, to hide against the monsters attack.
  • After killing all the monsters in the room, the coins will be automatically collected. These coins come when you kill the monsters.
  • Enter the next room, and repeat the above cycle.
  • Use the coins and gems, in your leveling up, and acquiring skills.
  • Congratulation, you have just learned how to play the game.

Video tutorial

Still, not satisfied with your skills. Watch the video below and become pro player of the game.

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Frequently asked questions

What type of game is archero?

Archero is a shooting style action game. You have to kill the monsters by your bows and survive against their attacks.

Which weapon is best in archero?

There are different tiers of weapons. The greater the tier, the powerful the weapon. So, simply put the S-tier weapons such as the Brightspear are the best weapons in the game.

Which pet is the best in archero?

You can say that Laser Bat is the most powerful pet in the archero. Not only because its attacks penetrate the walls but also because its attacks reach the monsters in an instant of time.

Which is the best armor in the archero?

Vest of Dexterity, Golden Chestplate, Phantom Cloak, etc are the best armor in the archero.

Which is the best ring in the archero?

Serpent Ring is an A-tier ring. It comes with a rare attribute of a 7% dodge chance. Many people prefer it over the other rings. So you can say, that the serpent ring is the best.

Which is the best locket in the archero?

Angel locket is the best locket in the game. When your HP is lower than 20%, it increases your dodge rate, reduces the projectile damage you receive. It makes you almost invincible when you are dying.

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As a final verdict, you can say that archero is one of the best 2 D shooting game. Its exclusive traits as abilities, skills and talents make it unique from its competition. The game is very addictive and you may not even notice the vast time you end up spending the game.

By this version of archero, you get some additional features that help you in your war against the monster waves. Download the game and become the hero of the story.

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