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Interested in designing beautiful graphics on mobile and that too with an app that is so easy to use, and does not cost a single penny, then Canva could be one of the best options for you.


With more than 50 million+ happy users and amazing cool features, canva is unarguably the best logo and graphic designing app.

Note that canva helps you to make stunning pictures and graphics on phone, but to edit your photos professionally, you better go with the lightroom and the other alike apps. Similarly, to make professional videos download kinemaster or other similar apps.

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Canva-A Simple yet Exceptional Graphic Designer

Liked by both professionals as well as non-designers, canva can help you to create impressive graphics. Posters, thumbnails, story, job resume, school planners, hotel menu, infographics, etc everything can be created easily by canva.

The best thing about canva is that you do not need to be an expert to use it. Just by your two fingers using canva, you can create stunning visuals.

Many freelancers and webmasters also use canva to make graphics to sell. Many freelancers even advertise that they are using canva to make their graphics.

This, along with the 50 million+users, tells us that how much canva is trusted and loved by people. You can also use Canva to make great logos for your social accounts as well as for your youtube.

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Features of Canva

features of canva

Ready to use Template

Many times it happens that you do not know where to start when creating your graphics. But in canva, you can use the already available templates to start your design.

You can also search for any particular type of templates according to your need. Templates for job resume, id cards, school presentations, comparison infographics, etc are also available where you just need to change the entries.

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While making any design, you will also see a photo icon in canva’s dashboard where you can see all the available photos of different trending topics. You can search for photos according to your need and use them in your design if necessary.

A good thing about the canva’s photos is that all of these are professionally captured and edited.

For instance, if you search for golf in photos you will find amazing golf photos, that you can use either directly on your website, or you can use them in your design.

Upload your own photos

You can also upload photos from your phone to your design. Another great thing about uploading is that you can also copy a photo from online and paste it in your design.

Doing this copy-paste mechanism, you will not need to download any photo on your phone.

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Elements/ Illustrations

This is my favorite feature of canva, simply enter anything that you want in the element section and then choose from a wide variety of elements.

This element section includes logos, animations, shapes, etc. The Canva’s element section is best when compared to any other graphic designer app’s elements or shapes section.


Add text in heading, subheading, or body format in your design. Choose from a wide variety of fonts available. You can also change the color and size of your font.

Also, you can adjust the spacing between your letters and increase or decrease your text size. You can also make your text bold in the text portion of canva.


Use the style consisting of different combinations, made by different designers as the basic frame of your design in canva’s style portion.

Video and Music

At present, canva is not used just as a graphic designer, as you can also make short video clips using it. There are dedicated video and music section in the tools collection box of canva.

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Charts and Graphs

In canva, you can also add different types of charts and graphs to your design. You will just have to change the entries of charts and graphs according to your need.

Integration of other Apps

You will also find a more option in canva, where they have integrated different apps. You can choose the content from any of these apps and add it in your design directly within the canva.

These integrated apps include Pexels, Pixabey, Youtube, Facebook, emoji, QR code, Google map, dropbox, etc.

These feature of canva makes graphic designing so easy as you can get whatever you want within the app.

Folders and Storage

You can create different folders in canva to organize your designs. Also, all of your designs will be automatically saved in the cloud of canva, so that you can use them and edit them whenever you want.

You can also directly share the link of your designs with the others within the app of canva.

Easy to use interface

The best selling point about canva is its easy to use interface. Even a non-designer can create exceptional designs using canva just by using the drag and drop principle with two fingers.

Multiple Dimensions options

You can choose dimensions for your designs from a wide variety of available dimensions. For example, you can select Instagram post dimensions, blog banner dimensions, logo dimensions, etc for your design.

If this is not enough for you then you can also add custom dimensions to make your own design.

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Features of Canva Premium

Canva all premium features unlocked

All the pro template unlocked

You will get more than 60,000 premium templates unlocked for free in this latest version of canva.

All the pro elements unlocked

Most of the amazing elements are locked in the simple version of canva. But in this canva hack apk, you will get unlimited access to millions of premium illustrations and icons for free.

All the pro fonts unlocked

In this cracked version of canva apk, you will get all the premium fonts. Also, you will be able to upload your fonts in this canva premium apk.

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Magic Resize

If you like one of your designs and want to save it in a different set of dimensions, then this feature is for you. This Magic Resize feature lets you save a single design in multiple dimensions.

For Example, I like a design and I want to upload it on my website, as well as on my Instagram, all I will need to do is click the resize option and save it in both Instagram post dimensions as well as blog banner dimensions.

Full resolution Upload

In the normal version of canva, you can download your design up to a maximum of 80% resolution. But in this premium canva , you can export your design at the 100% maximum resolution.

Transparent background

You can make the background of your designs transparent within the canva premium.

Other premium features unlocked

Some of the other premium features that you can access in this cracked version of canva pro apk are Brand Kit pro, Photo pro, Canva Schedule, Animation pro, etc.

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How to use Canva?

  • Firstly, open the canva and click on create a new design.
  • Now either choose any set of dimensions for your design, or give it custom dimensions.
  • Now a blank sheet according to your entered dimension will come.
  • Choose any template for your design.
  • Now, add text to your design if required.
  • Similarly, use elements and upload photos if your design requires them.
  • Use your fingers to adjust the size and location of pictures and elements.
  • After you are done with creating your design save it.

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Why is Canva so popular?

The main reason why canva is so popular is that it is very easy to use. Also, creating graphics on canva demands very little time, as everything is already available within the app.

Is it worth paying for Canva Pro?

As you will get all the premium templates, photos, elements, and other amazing options in Canva pro, so it is definitely worth the price.

Which is better Photoshop or Canva?

If you are a professional designer then you should choose Photoshop however, if you are a non-designer or semi-professional designer, then canva can be a great option for you, as it is made to be used by beginners.

Is this Canva safe to use?

Yes, this latest working Canva has been tested on many devices and, no device was harmed by this version.

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As our conclusion, we can say that as of this moment Canva is one of the best graphic designing and logo making app for beginners, thanks to its easy drag and drop user-interface.

By using canva, you will get access to all the premium features that are available in Canva pro for free.

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