Dragon City Latest Version 10.54

Ever heard about playing with dragons, forget playing, when you have the option to run a dragon farm. You get this and many other amazing stuff in dragon city. This epic game gives you a chance not only to create a magical world full of dragons but also to compete with other dragon masters.

dragon city

In 2012, this game was initially launched for Facebook by Social Point, but after gaining massive popularity, it was made available on both ios and android by 2014. This game has over 50 million+ users.

Just like hay day, and clash of clans, dragon city is one of the best simulation games.

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dragon city :

android version
4.03 and up
user reviews
current version
v 10.54
110 MB
android , ios

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When you play any game, you always start noticing its good or bad features. “Does dragon city provides you good features?” Well, it provides you the best possible features. Some of its features are mentioned below:

  • This apk is free. You do not need to pay any money to download it.
  • Being a social game, it allows you to play with your friends as well as to send them gifts, to visit their lands, and even to combat them.
  • The game could be easily connected to Facebook, besides you get a reward of 10 gems, and a dragon by connecting your game to Facebook.
  • Also, an unlimited number of missions and constant new adventures never lets you get bore of the game.
  • Designing a magical world on floating lands gives you a chance to express your creativity. You also get a chance to architect exceptional buildings that all your friends and enemies would envy.
  • Fighting with other dragon masters online not only takes the awesomeness of this game to a whole next level but also helps to make it competitive.
  • With every new week comes new dragons and new adventures.
  • Breeding and blending of 10 different types of dragons(Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Legend, and Pure) produces unique and powerful dragons that could be used to win the fights.
  • Irrespective of the device used, you will always find the game to be in perfect synchronization.
  • Above all, its automatic updating system keeps you at ease and away from tension.
  • The process of downloading and installation is easy.
  • Its calm soundtrack makes the gameplay much more appealing.
  • The strategic use of gems, gold, and food make it difficult but marvelous.
  • The game is available on both ios and android.
  • The ability to form an alliance with other dragon masters and to chat with them and to participate in alliance events makes it more entertaining.
  • There are different kind of battles likes arenas, quests, and leagues. However, quests and arenas may demand additional requirements.
  • Farming, breeding, hatching, feeding, fighting, and building are different aspects of the game.

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What is dragon city mod apk?

It is a modified version of the normal dragon city game. This version provides you unlimited features. Unlike the normal version in the modified version, you do not have to start from scratch. You will get an already built city. Some of the exclusive features of the modded dragon city hack apk are as below:

Mod’s features

Tons of dragons

In this latest version, you will not have to get dragons by breeding them and hatching their eggs. You will be provided with many dragons so that you can enjoy the game. Either you can use these already provided dragons to win the battles for you, or you can breed them to produce new stronger hybrids. This will help you to increase your dragon collection.

unlimited dragons

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Unlimited food

You will have unlimited food in this game. Food plays an important role in the game, as it used in leveling-up your dragons. The bigger your dragon, the more chances of you winning the battles. In addition to, unlimited food you will also get already built upgraded farms. This feature will save both your time and gold.

Unlimited gold

In this latest mod version, you will get unlimited gold. You can use this gold to buy dragons or to buy food. You can also use the gold to build different monuments and buildings. Gold is also used to increase your land.

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Unlimited gems

The most difficult thing to get in the dragon city is gems. You can get gems by winning different battles, or by guardian towers. There are also other methods to get gems, but all of these methods are very difficult and time-consuming.

But in this modified version, you will get unlimited gems that you can use to buy different dragons or different things. You can also use gems to speed up the time of hatching, breeding, and training.

dragon city unlimited gems, unlimited food, unlimited gold, unlimited everything

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Dragon city is an ideal example of a simulation game. The game works on four principals; feeding, breeding, evolving, fighting. Hay Day is another great simulation game.

The game begins by you starting a dragon farm, your dragons by grazing in their habitats provide you gold. You then use this gold to buy food and other things.

Above all, the food helps you in leveling up your dragons. By reaching level 4, your dragons can breed, with their breeding, you get new types of dragons, and repeating this cycle, you keep on increasing the number of your dragons.

Leveling up not only helps you in breeding but also makes your dragons stronger that helps you in winning battles.

 pvp  battle

Winning battles and finishing different missions and adventures give you gems.

Both the gems and gold helps you to expand your land and to build different buildings so that your city becomes more attractive and beautiful.

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What makes dragon city more enjoyable?

The fact that it was ranked 2nd on the Facebook in 2012 in the top 25 games makes it more fabulous.
There is also an ancient world in dragon city that opens up by reaching level 27. There are ancient dragons in the ancient world that produce platinum in place of gold. Different craft items can be bought by platinum in the ancient world.

What makes dragon city more enjoyable?

Other features like guardian dragon towers and heroic races make it much more enjoyable.

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System requirement

Any mobile with the android version of 4.03 and up can easily run this game.

Moreover, you can play this game with a minimum of 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM on any android device.

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How to play dragon city?

So, you are a new player and do not know how to play dragon city. Worry not, we have got a solution for your problem. Follow the basic instructions mentioned below:

  • Firstly, you will buy a dragon and a habitat.
  • You will collect the gold that your dragon produces by grazing on the habitat.
  • Secondly, you will use this gold to buy food from the farms.
  • Above all, this food will help in the leveling-up of your dragons.
  • In the same manner, you will buy other dragons.
  • When your two dragons reach level 4 then you will interbreed them to produce stronger hybrids.
  • You will use your dragons to win battles for you.
  • By winning battles and completing missions you will get gems.
  • You will use gold and gems to build your city.
how to play dragon city mod apk

Video tutorial

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Dragon City Free?
Yes, it is free. However, by using real money, you can buy in-app purchases.

Can you get Dragon City on the computer?
Yes, by using an emulator app, you can play it on a computer or mac book.

Is Monster legends better than Dragon City?
Dragon city is superior to monster legends in both the numbers of the users, and the number of dragons. Therefore, you can say that dragon city is better than monster legends.

How do you get dragons on Dragon City?
You can interbreed your present dragons to get new dragons, moreover, you can buy the dragons by gems or gold, or by winning different events.


As a result, we can say that the dragon city is an awesome yet competitive game. This game has tons of amazing and unique features. Above all, the addition of new dragons and adventures regularly never let it get boring. This apk is completely free. You will face no difficulties using it.

With this dragon city version, you will get unlimited everything. This will not only make the game easier for you, but also you will find the game very amazing.
With unlimited gems, in your pockets, you will be able to build your ideal world in dragon city.

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