How to Extract APK of an Android APP?

There are a lot of ways by which you can extract the apk of an android app. Some of them are very simpler, while the other will require you to go to extreme lengths like the rooting of your device.

Best Methods to Extract APK of Android APP

But do you really need to choose these extreme options when there are easier and efficient ways to extract the apk? Stick to the article to find out the best ways by which you can extract apk of any android app.

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But before discussing the extraction methods let us first discuss what are the advantages of the extracting apk files of your apps:

  • Sharing the apps between android devices without needing an active net connection.
  • To use an app on your android device that is not available on Google Play Store.
  • For freeing up the storage of your phone. When you need to install the app from these files and in this way you can increase the memory of your phone.
  • For saving the backups of your apps on your PC.

Methods to Extract APK of any Android APP

Below we have mentioned the easiest ways to extract apk of your favorite android app:

  • Using File Explorer
  • Using Assistant for Android
  • Downloading APKs from Open Sources or Third Party Websites
  • Managing Phone using Web Services
  • Using Web Tools to Extract APK files

Note: Any of the above methods does not require you to root your device.

1.Using File Explorer

One of the most popular ways to extract the apk file of an app is by downloading any advance file explorer on phone. For reference, we are using ES File Explorer to use this method.

After opening the app, click on the app section there select the app of which you want to create an apk. After you have selected the app, you will find a backup option in the navigation menu below. Click it to create your apk.

Now go to the internal memory of your phone, and locate the backup folder. You will find the apk file of the app that you have created in this folder.

2.Using Assistant for Android

A very popular way to extract apk for android app is using the android assistant app. Just like the file explorer, you can create backups of the apps that you want with two taps of your fingers using this app.

Another great thing about this app is that it will hardly take around 1MB of your internal memory to download this app. Just after opening the app, go to the Tools section, there click on the backup and restore option. Now select the app for which you want to create apk file.

3.Downloading APKs from Open Sources or Third Party Websites

A good thing about android is that it’s open-source, so you can download the apk of any app that you want from the open sources or third party websites available on google without any problems.

But before downloading any app from third-party websites, make sure that a website is a trusted website so that you do not end up downloading files having virus in it.

4.Managing Phone using Web Services

Nowadays, there are a lot of web services that will let you manage your phone using your computer. Some of these web services allow you to create backups of your apps on your computer.

Take AirDroid example; after you download this app on your phone, then you can use their web service to manage your phone via the web. Afterward, you can create the backup of any app present on your phone and store it directly on your computer.

5.Using Web Tools to Extract APK files

Using this method, you will be able to extract apk files directly from google play. All you need to do is copy and paste the google play URL of the app in this tool.

Then it will extract the apk of that app and will provide you the download button to download the apk of your app. Since this tool extracts the apk directly from the app available on google play, so you do not need to worry about any virus or malware.

Note: Any of the above methods does not require you to root your device.


This is it for today’s post, you can use any of the above methods to create apk file for your android app without any problem. Also, if we have missed some of the other easy methods to extract the apk file of the android app, comment them down.

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