If you are an Indian gamer or a mobile playing gaming Maniac, then you must have already heard about the rumors regarding the FAU-G GAME (Fearless and United: Guards) by now. 


This product of n-Core Games is an Indian alternative to the most popular online multiplayer action and shooting game PUBG mobile(PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). 

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Even if we got our hands on any beta version of the FAU-G game, we will share it up on the APKSOIL’s official site.

Why FAU-G GAME has gotten so much Hype?

We cannot talk about the massive hype of the FAUG game without mentioning the PUBG first.

So, when the Government of India banned 118 Chinese apps for various security reasons, PUBG was included in that list too. This news came out as a massive shock for every Indian gamer.

Not only many Indian Gamers were are playing PUBG on a professional level, but also Many Indian YouTube gaming channels became popular due to this one game. 

Even Common people were so frustrated with this news and several small protests for unbanning the PUBG were also reported.

Seeing all this, the Indian government promised that they will release an Indian alternative game in place of PUBG mobile. This news transformed the frustration into curiosity about what would bean  Indian PUBG be like?

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Announcement of FAU-G GAME by Akshay Kumar

The hype of this unannounced game increased massively when Akshay Kumar announced the FAU-G game for the first time on his tweeter.

What did Akshay Kumar said abut the FAU-G game? You can see it in his own tweet below;


The moment this news came out whole Indian internet went crazy, and the FAU-G game became one of the hot topics in India.

Akshay Kumar, who himself has portrayed the role of soldiers many times in his movies, was much honored to announce the FAU-G game.

indian government announcing pubg alternative fauji

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FAU-G vs PUBG – which is better?

Will the Fauji defeat pubg mobile? Only time will tell us. However, Vishal Gondal, the owner of FAU-G, said that the Fauji will not launch as a competitor to pubg mobile. 

Rather the game is aimed to entertain the youth, along with telling them the sacrifices that the Indian soldiers have made to protect their country.

Also, 20 % of the revenue generated by the FAUG will be awarded to the brave soldiers via Bharat Ke Veer Trust. 

Release date of FAU-G Game

The exact release date of the game has not been made official yet. However, the rumors are that the game will be available on the Play Store, as well as the App Store between 10th to 20 October. 

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There has not been a single trailer of the FAU-G game released yet. The trailers that you saw on youtube and other popular platforms are fake.


No official map of FAU-G has been announced by n-CORE games till now. However, many rumors are stating that one of the maps of the game is based on  ‘Galway Valley’

This news can be true as one of the main aim of the game is to make the youth realize the sacrifices of their dedicated brave soldiers.


What types of guns will be available in the FAUG game? As for now, it is a total mystery. However, we are assuming that the game will share many common guns from pubg, call of duty, and free fire. 


No official character has been publically confirmed for the faug game by the n-CORE games till now.

Game modes

The rumors are that in the beginning, the fauji game will only have a story mode and an online multiplayer mode. There will be no battle royale mode like pubg in the फौजी खेल.

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FAUJI game and Fake news

fauji game maps, trailers, guns

Just after the announcement of the फौजी खेल, many youtube channels, as well as many websites, started spreading fake news about the game.

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Furthermore, some people even started spreading fake news that the fauji game was Sushan Singh original idea. 

What was the reaction of Vishal Gondal to this? You can see it below from his tweets:

beta version

Also due to the massive popularity of the fauji game, some people started using the name of the game to promote their apps.

download FAU-G GAME APK

Some people even claimed that the poster of fauji was not original. Well, the poster picture was a stock image, which means anyone can buy it and use it for commercial purposes. Vishal Gondal also explained it through tweeter.

free indian game

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This feature list is based on assumptions, news, and rumors about the fauji game. After the game will release this list will be updated, with detailed features about the fauji game.

  • A story mode
  • An online multiplayer mode
  • High-Quality graphics
  • Based on real-life soldiers’ lives
  • An action and adventure-packed shooting game
  • Available on both IOS and Android

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How to download FAU-G Game?

Download FAU-G game on ANDROID AND IOS

Since the n-CORE games promise to release fauji on all the major platforms, so it will be available on both IOS and Android.

For downloading the fauji game on android,  go to the play store and search fauji game. After it, download your game and install it.

The same is the procedure on IOS, firstly go to the app store and search fauji game. Then download and install it.

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Note: n-Core games have not announced any special FAU-G PC version for now.

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Is FAU-G game an Indian game?

Yes, Fauji is an Indian game based on real-life soldiers stories, and it is an alternative to pubg game.

Who is the owner of the fauji game?

Vishal Gondal, the owner of n-CORE games, is the main person behind the fauji game. FAU-G game is also coming under the mentorship of superstar Akshay Kumar.

What are the other game released by n-Core games?

As of now, fauji is going to be the first product of n-CORE games. In the future, the company is planning to make games on cricket as well as music(two of the most popular niches in India).

Is the Fauji game a high-quality game?

Yes, as Vishal Gondel himself said that people think that India is not capable of producing high-quality games but he has a firm belief that his team is full of capable members and will produce a high-quality game in the form of fauji game.

When will the fauji game release?

The game is said to release in October, 10 to 20 October to be exact. It will be a free game and will be available on both android and IOS. 

What is the full form of FAU-G?

FAU-G stands for Fearless and United: Guards, as the game will be depicting the adventures of the Indian army.

Is there a mod version of the fauji game?

No, there is no mod of the game by now, as the fauji has not even released yet.

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This is it for today, hoping that your every concern regarding downloading the FAU-G game will have been cleared by now. You can ask any other questions regarding the Fauji game in the comment section below.

So what do you think will fauji game get an international success, or will the success of the game will be only limited to India? Comment down your thoughts, also this article will be updated with every latest information about the FAU-G game.

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