Hay Day Latest Version

If you want to enjoy the farming life, but you do not have the time to go to the village, then there is no need to be sad. As I have the perfect solution for you. I present to you the hay day. It is a simulation game based on farming.

hay day

Supercell created this masterpiece. Why did we call it a masterpiece?


firstly, just after the month of its release, the game collected a total of  $30 million. Secondly, because the game captures the number 1 position in 122 countries in its particular category. Also, more than 50 languages are available in the game.

Hay day also comes in the list of top simulation games like dragon city, clash of clans, etc.

Hay Day

android version4.1 and up
user reviews4.5
current version1_47_97
size127 MB
osandroid , ios

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hay day’s features

  • Farm: build your farm according to your taste. Grow what you want on your farm.
  • Trading: not only you manage your farm, but also you trade your products and crops with your friends, neighbors, and other players.
  • Transportation: for your trading or your order completion, there are also means of transportation like truck, steamboat, etc.
  • Town: you not only practice farming, but also you build and manage your town in hay day.
  • Animals: besides growing crops, there are also animals in the game. Animals can be divided into three main categories; farm animals, pets, and wild animals.
  • Buildings: there are many different types of buildings in the game. The main purpose of buildings are storage, providing shelters to both animals and town visitors, and to facilitate trading.
  •  Characters: there are a lot of characters in the hay day. You can not only choose the character of your likeness, but also you the get option to customize your character according to your desire.
  • Fishing: you can also do fishing in the game on the fishing lake. Besides fishes, you can also catch lobsters and ducks in the fishing lake.
  • Neighborhood: a group of players is termed as neighborhood. Players have the option to create their neighborhood or to join an existing neighborhood.
  • Expansion: another amazing feature of the game is the ability to expand your land. This helps you in turning your little farm into a big town.
  • Achievements: these are the missions given to you by the game. By completing the achievements, you get diamonds, experience points, etc.
  • Supplies: there are many different supplies in the game. Most important t supplies are land-clearing supplies, building supplies, mining supplies, expansion supplies.
  • Events: players can earn coins as well as bonuses by participating in the different events organized in the hay day.
hay day features

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what is hay day mod apk

Hay day mod apk is the cracked version of the simple hay day. Since it is the modified version of the game, it has some extra features which make it easy for the consumers. Some of the most fabulous features of the cracked version are as below:

mods’s features

unlimited seeds

Seeds are very important to grow different plants and crops. Without seeds, you can not start the process of farming. Now, you get seeds of the different varieties in the game, but these seeds are present only in limited quantities.

unlimited seeds

Due to the availability of a limited number of seeds, your farming plans may not end up as you want them. Now, you can get the seeds in the game, but the process to obtain them is time-taking and requires efforts.

Seeing all these problems, this modded version of the archero was created. This cracked application of the archero provides you an unlimited number of seeds. Now, you can grow whatever you want on your farm without any tension.

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free diamonds and coins

Both the diamonds and coins are the most important currencies of the game. Now you can get both of them in the game. But obtaining them is difficult especially diamonds are very hard to get.

hay day  unlimited diamonds and coins

Just like the other simulation games, coins and diamonds in the archero are used to buy different resources and to unlock different items that are necessary to run your farm.

Using this latest version of hay day 4.5 mod apk, you will get unlimited diamonds and coins. With free diamonds and coins, now you can build your dream farm very easily.

free items and resources unlocked

Another great feature of hay day hack apk, is that you get free resources and items in it. These items comprise different buildings, shelters, shops etc.

Besides diamonds and coins, some items require a certain experience level to unlock them. This makes the game hard and much time-consuming.

But by this latest mod apk, you will be already at a very higher experience level, and many of your buildings and items will be unlocked, by default.

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game plot

The plot of hay day is very simple, yet interesting. The game begins when the uncle of the player gets old and can not manage his farm anymore.


The uncle gives the great responsibility of managing the farm to the player. Now the player needs to grow different crops and products on the farm.

Besides growing crops, the player also needs to expand the farm. Moreover, all the selling of the products, and taking care of the farm, are now under the leadership of the player.

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What makes hay day special?

The game is packed with many interesting characteristics. For instance, the roadside shop, where you can either sell your products, or trade them.

Another great place in the game is the dock. Now you will have to repair it. You can complete the shipment of many different products from the boat present at the dock

The amazing game interface, of the hay day, also makes the game much more enjoyable. You will not find any difficulty in using the controls of the game.

Also, the huge impact of the animals in the game takes hay day to complete different levels when compared to other farming games. Also, if taming dragons interest you then download dragon city.

In the latest version of hay day, the hiccups have been cured, and many bugs have been fixed for user ease.

System Requirements

Any android device, with software version 4.1 and up is eligible to run hay day. The lowest RAM and ROM, you need to have in your mobile, to run this game are 1 GB and 8 GB respectively.

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How to play hay day?

Playing the hay day is very simple and easy. When you start the game, you will see a scarecrow. It will guide you and will teach you everything you need to know to run a farm.

The most basic steps in the game include; harvesting the fields, planting new seeds in the fields, feeding the animals, expanding the lands, selling your products, using the earned money to buy different items, etc.

video tutorial

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Is this modded apk working?

Yes, it is 100 % working. We have tried this latest version on different devices and tested it many times.

Does the animal die in hay day?

No, the animals do not die in hay day. Even if you do not feed them for a long time, they will not die. Also, the crops and plants do not die in the hay day. However, some of the crops may wither at some point.

Is hay day difficult?

No, the game is not difficult at all. You will have no trouble in understanding the game. All the game controls are easy and user-friendly.

How to level-up fast in hay day?

The most popular trick to level-up rapidly in the game is harvesting. Harvesting the wheat, especially helps you to level up very quickly in the game.

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As a conclusion, we can easily rank hay day as the best farming simulation game, at present. The game has all the vital features necessary for a farming game.

Hay day is not just about farming. It is about converting your small farm into a big town. The interaction with your neighbors and other players makes it an even more interesting game. If you are into simulation games, you will love hay day.

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