Kinemaster Latest v1.14.4 no watermark

Finding a perfect video editing app could be quite difficult these days especially if you want to edit the videos on your mobile phones or tabs. Most of the good video editor apps are not free. But here we bring you the Kinemaster  which is the best free video editing app you can find on your phone.

kinemaster latest version

With kinemaster, you can create professional videos for your Instagram, YouTube, or Vlog. This app helps you in creating amazing videos on your phone, tablet, or Chromebook, etc.

Speaking of youtube, have you tested out youtube music premium app.

It is a perfect video editor that one could ask for. All of its featured tools are free to use. This app supports unlimited export up to the maximum of 4K resolution.

However, for great picture editing, you can use the lightroom and for designing graphics, you can use canva.

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DEVELOPERKineMaster Corporation

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Features of kinemaster

Some of the important features of kinemaster are mentioned below:

  • Sound affects: you can add background music or voice-overs to your videos. You can also add the other cool effects such as voice-changers in your videos.
  • Multiple layers: you get the option to combine and add different multiple layers of videos, images, etc. You can also add handwritings, texts, effects, and stickers to your videos.
  • Share: any video edited in the kinemaster can be easily shared across all the social platforms.
  • Color adjustment tools: there are tons of tools to enhance and optimize your videos and images.
  • Reverse: you also get the incredible option to reverse your videos in this app.
  • Blending: to have beautiful effects in the videos there is a wide range of blending modes available.
  • Editing tools: tools to trim and crop your videos are also present.
  • Asset Store: the asset store which gives you stickers, music, transitions, and fonts is updated weekly so that you can make professional videos.
  • Speed control: both the slow-motion and time-lapse are present.
  • Volume tools: A bunch of volume tools are also present to enhance your audios.
  • Keyframe animation tool: this particular tool helps you in adding motion to different layers of your videos.
  • Export: Kinemaster gives you the option to export the videos up to the maximum resolution of 4K at 30FPS.
  • Filters: there are a bunch of filters to make your video more beautiful.
  • Stories: you can also make Facebook and Instagram stories.
  • Live preview: you can also review your videos while editing them.
  • Live recording: you can also record videos with the app.
kinemaster features of latest version

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Creator’s choice

Its vast number of users and massive popularity proves it to be one of the best video editors present out there. The main reason for its increasing popularity is that it is easy to use and all the features mentioned above.

The app is used not only for fun but also by many professional content creators use it for its amazing features. However, the main cause of its great widespread would be that it gives almost all the editing options necessary for the videos in the mobile devices.

So, anyone with only a mobile can now become an editor by using this app. Some people even use app tools to sell their services in online platforms such as Fiverr. Due to all these reasons, kinemaster becomes the choice of many creators.

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Why use kinemaster?

If you are having concerns, like why should you use kinemaster? Then this paragraph will help you in solving those concerns. Firstly, kinemaster is very simple and easy to use. Even a person with no video-editing background can master kinemaster in a very short time.

Secondly, its asset store keeps on updating weekly. This gives you many more options to play with. The app is free. However, for watching free movies and videos you can use Showbox.

Moreover, kinemaster is packed with amazing tools and features. Also, the app is available on almost all smartphones. Kinemaster is built by keeping in mind the mobile audience, so the app is very easy to use on mobile phones.

Kinemaster’s only problem

The only real problem that one can find while using the kinemaster will be its watermark. A watermark is a recognition logo of the app.

kinemaster only problem

So, whenever you will edit anything using kinemaster, the edited video will show the watermark(made with kinemaster) in it. Now this will reduce the professionalism in your video.

However, there is a solution to it that is either you subscribe to kinemaster premium which(costs $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year) or you download the kinemaster mod apk, which is free.

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What makes kinemaster mod apk special?

Kinemaster mod apk is a modified version of kinemaster. There are many things which make it better than the simple kinemaster. The principal features of the kinemaster premium apk are mentioned below:

Mod’s features:

  • No adds
  • No watermarks
  • All the premium features unlocked
  • No root
 mod features

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Different modded kinemasters

When you will try to find the modified version of the kinemaster premium apk you will come across a variety of modded applications. For your convenience, here we are going to cover the most famous versions of the application.

Kinemaster mod apk pro

This version is also known as kinemaster pro. It is one of the most popular version of the modded kinemaster. It contains all the features of the simple apk as well as the moded features. Its main highlights are no watermarks and no adds.

Kinemaster Diamond

The second most popular modified version is the kinemaster diamond. Again you can enjoy all the pro features on this version too. The only difference one can notice is that it also has a diamond theme. Although, this theme has no practical use.

kinemaster diamond pro

Kinemaster MOD Gold APK

Kinemaster gold mod apk is another free version of the pro application. It also has the same features as the other versions. You will not find this version different from the other versions.

gold mode

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Kinemaster Premiere

Another advance version which shares the same principle features as all the other version is kinemaster premiere. It is the third most popular version. This version is highly inspired by adobe premiere.

kinemaster premiere

Kinemaster Indonesia Versions

Because of its massive use in Indonesia and immense popularity it has many Indonesian versions. Some of the Indonesian versions are as follow:

  • Indonesian version 9, Indonesian version 8, Indonesian version 7, Indonesian version 5
indonesian versions

Other kinemaster mod apk versions

Some other versions are as follow:

  • Cyber ​​Kinemaster APK
  • Kinemaster Razer Pro APK

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System requirements

  • Any phone with the android version 4.12 or higher can run this app.
  • The performance of the application also depends on the hardware and chip-set of your phone.
  • To edit any video, your device video recording capabilities and playback must be double of that particular video.
  • For example, to edit a video of 1080 P 30 FPS your device must support video recording up to a minimum of 1080 P 60 FPS.
  • Live editing previews are the main reason for it.
  • But worry not, almost all the phones coming these days come with good video recording capabilities.

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What’s new in the latest version of Kinemaster?

The latest upgraded version of the Kinemaster mainly focuses on the enhancement of the user-interface. For this purpose, Kinemaster has now included sub-categories in its asset store. Also, the UI of the app is improved, and some minor bugs are fixed.

How to use kinemaster

If you are a beginner and do not know how to edit videos via kinemaster. Then do not get depressed because we have already found the perfect solution for you.

  • Export the video in the app which you want to edit.
  • Then choose which part of the video you want to edit.
  • After that mark that part of your videos via lines.
  • Now use your desired tool on that particular part.
  • Now see the live preview of your edited video. If you are not satisfied with the editing undo it.
  • By clicking on the icon ” add media ” you can add other photos and videos in your clip.
  • You can also adjust the sequence of the videos and images during editing.
  • You can also adjust the sound of your video via the microphone button.
  • If you are into TikTok stuff, you should be happy as there is a transition icon too.
  • You can also add the subtitles and texts in your videos by pressing on the “T” button. Also, you can change the font of your text.
  • After finishing the editing, click on the export button.
  • Now select the resolution in which you want to export your video.
  • Congratulations, you have just learned the basic editing via kinemaster.

Video tutorial

If you are still not happy with your editing skills. Watch the video and become a professional editor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is kinemaster free?

Yes, it is free however there is a paid version for which you have to pay $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year.

Can you use kinemaster on the computer?

Yes, you can use kinemaster on computer and laptop. In fact, the app works much smoothly on the computer.

Is kinemaster a good editing app?

Yes, kinemaster is one of the best video editing apps you can get on the phone. Many professional creators use it as their primary editor.

What is the maximum resolution in kinemaster?

Currently, kinemaster can support the maximum resolution up to 4K at 30 FPS.

Can I share my kinemaster’s edited video?

Yes, you can easily share it across all social platforms. You can even make stories by using the app.

What is a watermark?

A watermark is a logo or phrase which is used for the recognition of the app.


Wrapping up the article, we can say that kinemaster is probably one of the most incredible video editing apps. Its rapidly increasing popularity is the best proof of it.

No, matter if you are a novice or an expert, you will find this app very helpful. This app provides a variety of tools for editing. Regular weekly updates in its asset store will give so many options to play around. You can rest easy that you will not be disappointed for investing your time in this app.

By using kinemaster, you will be able to create your high-quality vlogs or professional videos. If you want to use the app just for fun, even then you will have plenty of options to choose from. Due to no watermark, now you will have no problem in using the app.

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