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Taking photos of everything in your daily life has now become routine for most people. However, only a few people can capture great photos. Lightroom is such an app that will let you convert your average photos into great photos.

What does this mean?

Simply put only a few people are good at photography. But the majority of great photos that you see in your life mostly result from great editing. But for great editing, you need a great editing app.

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Fortunately, you can count lightroom into the list of top photo editing apps available on mobile. That is because it is a product of Adobe, which is king in creating the best editing software.

You can also download kinemaster to edit great videos. Also download Canva to make stunning photos, logos and graphics, etc.


NAMEAdobe Lightroom

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What makes lightroom so popular?

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular editing software at the moment. Since it is an Adobe product, its popularity was guaranteed from the time it was launched.

Also, its simpler user interface tends to increase its popularity. Moreover, it is very easy to use, and even a person with no editing background can produce high-quality photos using this amazing app.

All these factors make lightroom to come in the list of top-grossing apps in many countries on play store.

However, for great video editing kinemaster is very popular.

lightroom full preset

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Features of Lightroom

We have tried to cover all the features of Lightroom below:

Easy to use tools

Unlike the big brothers, adobe lightroom is much easier to use. All of its tools are made by keeping in mind the beginner level editors.

Just by using a simple slider, you can adjust the setting of all the editing tools. You do not need to be a professional editor to use adobe lightroom.

Pro camera

Lightroom has a built-in pro-level camera with many more settings as compared to a normal camera. This pro camera helps you in adjusting different settings of the pictures even before capturing them.

This pro camera of lightroom lets you set the exposure and presets of the photos even before you snap them. Moreover, you can also turn on and off the timer and HDR in this camera.

You can also capture raw photos if you want to edit them later, or if you find them perfect. A bunch of more settings are also available in this integrated camera of the lightroom.

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Easy cropping

The crop function in the lightroom has many options that make it easy for use. For instance, you can use the straighten function in the crop tool.

You can also rotate your photos left or right. Similarly, you can also flip your photos horizontally or vertically.

You can also crop your photos by giving custom dimensions. You can also choose one of the pre-available dimensions(1×1, 4×5, 8.5×11, 5×7, 2×3, 3×4, 9×16) to crop your pics.


This profile feature includes; 2 basic, 8 artistic, 17 B&W, 10 modern, and 10 vintage filters, to help you make your photos more presentable.


The light feature lets you adjust the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows of your pictures. You can also set the whites and blacks in the photos by using this light feature.

You can also change the light setting of your photos by using out the curve option.


In this color section of the app, you can increase or decrease the temp, tint, vibrance, and saturation of the clicked photo just by sliding your fingers.


In the effect portion, you get too many options to play around. Texture, clarity, dehaze, vignette, and grain amount can be easily adjusted using the effect feature.


You can do sharpening in your photos, or you can apply the noise reduction to your images by going into the detail option in the Lightroom.


The optic tool in the app let you remove the chromatic aberrations in your images. Another great feature in the optics is the lens profile correction.


By using the presets you can apply professional filters to your photos. Presets include; 10 creative, 10 B&W, 10 default, 6 colors, 5 curves, 4 grain, 4 sharpening, and 4 vignetting, and 3 optics, filters.

However, to use the full potential of presets you need to have either a premium version of lightroom or modified version.

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You can create different versions of a single image in the lightroom. This feature helps you to save different edited versions of a single photo.

Free cloud

You can save as many photos as you want in the free cloud given by the adobe lightroom. Also, you can synchronize your cloud in different devices just by logging into the lightroom.

A simple UI

The lightroom has a very simple and easy user-interface. You can share your edited pictures with others. Also, you can learn the editing from other editor’s photos.

There is also an option to discover where you can look at the other edited photos and improve your editing skills.

Smart organization of images

All the photos in the lightroom can be optimized. You can put flags and stars on the photos you want. The AI of the app is so good that if you search mountains, it shall show you all the images having mountains.


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What is lightroom mod apk?

Simply put, adobe photoshop lightroom mod apk is a modified(cracked) version of the normal app. In the mod version, you get all the premium features of the lightroom unlocked for free. All the premium features of the modified version are mentioned below:

Mod’s features

No Root

Unlike most of the modded application, the lightroom mod does not require you to root your device.

Full preset unlocked

In the modified version of lightroom the preset function of the app is unlocked to its maximum potential. You can create your own presets by combining different presets.

Also, the number of presets in the modified version are more than in the simple version. You can also add custom presets.


With this premium feature, you can edit any particular part of your image with either your fingers or a stylus with a great precision.

The geometry feature also lets you edit the photos with more powerful and guided geometry tools.

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With this amazing tool, you can remove any particular thing in your image. Just use the healing brush to remove any human or any non-desirable object in your photo.

Add Watermark

You can also add a watermark to your shared images in the lightroom premium apk, so that no one can steal them. Keep in mind, that you can only add text watermarks.

However, the font of the watermark can be changed if you want.

No adds and unlimited layers

You will find no add in this modified version. Moreover, you can add up to an unlimited number of layers in this premium version of lightroom.

lightroom full premium preset unloacked free

Lightroom vs Photoshop

So many people compare lightroom and photoshop, and want to know which software is better. In many aspects, photoshop is superior to Lightroom. However, the lightroom does have its goods aspects.

For instance, lightroom is a much lighter application as compared to photoshop, and can be even used on many low budget smartphones. Secondly, Lightroom is much easier to use.

But if you want to go to pixel-level editing, then photoshop is the answer. However, in the daily routine lightroom is more than enough to edit most of your images. But if you are a graphic designer or professional photographer, then you should stick with photoshop.

But if you are new in the editing world, then first go with the lightroom as it is easier to use.

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System requirements

You will need a minimum of 1 GB RAM and 8 GB Rom to run lightroom on your device. On the other hand, an android version 5.0 or up is required to run the lightroom.

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How to use lightroom?

Using the lightroom is not very difficult. You just need a little practice. You can also learn from other people’s edited photos if they have shared the learning process. Also, by observing the pictures in the Discover section, you can improve your editing skills.

Add the pictures you want to edit in the lightroom. You can also organize your pictures by creating albums.

Click on the image that you wish to edit. Use the slider tool to adjust exposure, contrast, saturation, temp, and colors. In the same manner, adjust the shadows, and whites and blacks of your pictures. Make sure that your each setting enhances the others.

You can also apply presets to your pictures. Also, you can apply noise reduction, chromatic aberration, and various other settings to your pictures.

After you are done with editing, save your file in high quality. There is also an option to create different edited versions of the same picture in the lightroom. Once you save any image in the lightroom, you will find it in all the devices that are sync through the same email.

Video tutorial


Is adobe lightroom free?

The mobile version of the lightroom is free. However, there are some premium features like healing, geometry, etc that only work if you upgrade to a premium version or use a modified version.

Is lightroom difficult?

No, Lightroom is easy to use. Its simpler user-interface makes it much more easier to use. Even a beginner can master the lightroom in a very short time.

Should I use Photoshop or Lightroom?

You can use both the software for editing your pictures. Many professional photographers use both Photoshop and Lightroom for their editing. However, if you are a novice then you should first try lightroom.

Do I really need Lightroom?

If you want to play with the raw pictures then the lightroom is the answer. It is better than many other mobile editing apps. However, if you want to edit the more complex details then you may use Photoshop.


As a conclusion, we can say that Lightroom is one of the best photography apps available on mobile phones. Its simpler user-interface and easy tools make it a more practical app, as compared to the competition.

You can use Lightroom to post great photos on Instagram, Facebook, etc. Lightroom is packed with amazing, yet simpler to hand features.

By using this version of lightroom, you can get free access to all the premium features such as healing, geometry, etc. So what are you waiting for? Download the lightroom now to post great photos.

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