Score! Hero Latest v.2.62

Want to play a different type of soccer game than your typical 11×11 football game on your phone, then check out Score! Hero.

Score! Hero

First Touch Games Ltd developed this game intending to create a game that will give the players the chance to start their journey of making an individual soccer hero.

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Score! Hero Unlimited Money, Unlimited energy

NAMEScore! Hero
DEVELOPERFirst Touch Games Ltd

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Game Plot

The plot of the game revolves around your journey from becoming zero to soccer hero. You will create your own player in the Soccer Hero game.

Your player will have nothing, no records or achievements other than his great ambition to leave his legacy behind in the football field.

You will start your journey from a very small local club, and then with your great skills, you will impress every big club. You will show such a talent that every famous club will want you as the first player in their team.

Not only will you showcase your great talent, but you will also set an example by winning so many achievements and records in soccer.

So get ready to play soccer hero and create your legend yourself from the beginning.

3d graphics gameplay

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All the key features that make this soccer game brilliant are given below in great detail:

720+ levels

A great thing about the soccer hero is the number of the levels that this game has. As of now, this game consists of more than 720 levels, and this number goes on increasing with every update.

In every different level of score hero, you get different types of tasks. You are not only playing to score goals, rather in every level you are given up to three different missions.

For every task that you complete at any level, you will receive stars. All the levels have a maximum of three stars. These stars are important because if you do not have a certain number of stars, you will not be able to unlock the next stage consisting of new game levels.

These tasks get on becoming difficult as you reach the upper levels in the score! hero game.

Win Awards and Trophies

Your player will also win numerous awards and trophies during his journey to become the number 1 soccer hero. By winning these awards, your player will make his country proud.

Changing Clubs

When your player will start earning the fame due to his performances, many clubs will invite you to join their teams. So at any moment playing the game, you can change your football club.

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Apart from clearing levels, you can also take part in many ongoing events in this score hero game. After an event finishes, a new soccer event will quickly take its place.

3d graphics

Score hero comes with impressive 3d graphics that will make you fall in love with the game. The gameplay is also very stable and static, and you will hardly find any bugs in the game.

User Interface

The user interface of the score hero is very simple and clean. Also, you will only need a single finger and a great strategy to beat any level of the game. Score hero is a very simple game to play, but at the same time, it is very hard to master this game.

Make and Customize your Hero

Since this game is all about you creating your legend, so you will have to make your ideal player in the game. You can customize that player as you wish.

For Example, you will decide the name, hair color, and skin tone of your player in score hero. You will also choose the club and country for your dream player.

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You can connect your game with your Facebook account and compete against your friends in this Score! Hero soccer game.

Google Sync and Achievements

You can see the achievements of the other player in the leaderboards and find out which player is at the top in score hero. Also, you can sync your game progress of score hero with your google play account and save it on the google play cloud.

A very intelligent AI

If a game is to be played with only 1 finger and wants to be in the list of great games then it must have a very capable AI. The same is the case with the Score! Hero game.

Its AI is so good that it will move the ball with the force corresponding to the speed of your finger on the screen. All of your passes and shoots will be decided according to the speed and direction of your moving finger.

Note: Score! Hero uses wifi or mobile network to display ads, and these ads also includes third party ads other than the google.

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Features of Score! Hero

So by this version of Score! Hero, you will get some exclusive features that are not present in the normal game.

Unlimited Money

You will get unlimited money in this Score! Hero version. You can use this money to buy different things within the game.

You can also choose this money to rewind the time if you have missed any goal while playing the game.

Unlimited Energy(Hearts)

So In the game, you will get 5 hearts at the start of the score hero. Each heart will be further divided into four segments.

So when you will miss any goal in the game, one of these segments will get empty, and before you will know you will run out of the hearts.

Then to play the game again, you will have to wait until the energy in your hearts fills up. This process is very frustrating and will make you wait for a long time.

But by this score hero, you will get both the unlimited hearts and infinite energy in them. In this way, you will be able to play the score hero for as long as you want.

Score! Hero unlimited money, unlimited hearts, unlimited energy

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Is this score hero safe to use?

Yes, we have tried this latest version of the score hero on many different devices and find out that it is both safe to use and a working game

What will I get in this score hero version?

You will get both the unlimited and infinite energy by this version of the score hero.

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As for our final verdict, we can say that if anyone likes soccer games on phone, then he must try Score! Hero game. This game will give him a chance to begin his journey of becoming the number 1 soccer player and leaving behind a legacy.

By this Score! Hero, you will get some of the paid features for free within the game for infinite time, such as the unlimited money and unlimited energy, etc.

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