ShowBox Latest Official Version 5.50

Do you want to enjoy the movies but do not want to spend money on them? Then you are looking at the right place. Today I am presenting you the latest version of the official ShowBox.

showbox apk

It is an app where you can watch all your favorites movies and shows, and that too for free. Downloading the Showbox version 5.50 will give you access to millions of top-rated movies worldwide.

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ShowBox Apk

nameShowBox Apk
categorystreaming app
android version4.0 and up
size38 MB

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Previous version of the showbox

Also, you can check out the previous version of the app. These versions includes 5.35, 5.30, 5.29, 5.28, 5.24, 5.11, 5.10, 5.04, 5.03, 5.01, 4.94, 4.82, 4.80, 4.73, 4.72, etc. Moreover, none of these versions are working anymore. That is why they are not provided here.

What is Showbox apk?

Firstly, Showbox is an app where you can watch millions of movies, shows, songs, podcasts, news, cartoons, and animations for free. Secondly, you can also download them if you want. Downloading any type of content, from Showbox is also free.

Because of this Showbox is also known as the best free movie streaming app, present out there.

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History of showbox

The official app of Showbox was released in 2010. Since, then the app gained massive popularity. Moreover, the Showbox became the number 1 free movie app in just a short time. It was ahead of its competition by leaps and bounds.

But due to a large number of complaints issued again the app, the app was taken down in 2016. Moreover, the app remained down till 2018.

Now, the app is again available. But you can still not find it on the play-store or app-store.

Massive popularity

If you search the best free movie app, you will get the Showbox at the top of the list. The reasons for its massive popularity are its exclusive features.

This app provides you all the necessary and luxurious features which you can find on any paid streaming app for free. Moreover, Showbox is very easy to use.

If not the best then Showbox is one of the best free movie app you can find now.

official latest version of showbox apk 2020

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Features of Showbox apk

The amazing features which make Showbox one of the best free movie app officially are written below:

free movies

The most outstanding feature of the Showbox 2020 is the availability of free movies present on the app. You can find a ton of amazing movies in Showbox.

free movies

Also, the list of movies is not limited. You can find both the latest, as well as, the old movies on Showbox. Showbox database keeps on updating. So, whenever a new movie comes out in the market, you will find it on the official app of Showbox.

Besides that, you can find the movies of all types on Showbox. You can also find animated movies on this amazing app. News, podcasts, and shows are also available on Showbox.

Do keep in mind that showbox gives you free movies, but if you wish to watch movies on live channels then download thop tv latest version.

Free songs

Initially, Showbox was just a free movie streaming app. But with the latest updates, it kept getting better and better. One of the major updates on the Showbox added the option of streaming free music.

Now, you can not just watch movies on Showbox for free, but also you can stream music on it for free. Although, the streaming of the music on the Showbox, is not as good as that on Spotify and other music apps.

free songs

But still the option of streaming the music for free, is a great thing to have. Also, the availability of both movies and music on a single app for free is a kind of blessing.

Region independent

Another amazing feature of the Showbox is that no matter where you are in the world, you can use it.

Most of the apps which provide you a certain type of free content, mostly work in a particular area. But it does not seem to be a problem on Showbox.

Showbox can work in any region of the world smoothly. You can use Showbox in Europe, Asia, North America, etc. In short, you can watch free movies on Showbox, no matter where you are living in the world.

Smart recommendation

Many people may think that because Showbox is a free app, it may not include the luxurious features as available on the other paid apps. Well, they may be wrong. As you can find many high-level features on Showbox latest version.

For instance, you can find the option of smart recommendation on the app. On the base of what you are watching on the Showbox, the app will recommend you the related type of content.

This option is very good especially when you are bored, and do not know what to watch. This option will enable you to watch the content according to your taste.

Different languages

Now, if you do not know English, it is not that you can not use the Showbox for free. As, the app supports different languages.

Besides watching the movies and shows of different languages on showbox, you can also change the language of he app itself.

A total of 11 different languages, can be changed in Showbox.

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User-friendly interface

The latest version of Showbox has a very simple and easy to use interface. It is very well made. You will find no lag in the app.

The interface on the Showbox is based on a dark theme, so you can use it even at night when all the lights of the room are closed.

Even the font on the Showbox can be easily read. The interface of the app is very mobile friendly too. Also, the interface has some of the very interesting features.


You will find fully categorized libraries in the latest working app of the Showbox. This helps you in finding the movie you are looking for.

For instance, if you are looking for a movie about the comedy genre. The app will automatically show you the different movies of the same genre and the same region.

Similarly, if you search for a particular season of a show, the app will also provide you the other seasons of the show. This option helps you in your searching process.

Personal playlists

You can also create your playlist in the official Showbox 2020. This will save you from wasting some of your time in searching for the videos you want to watch.

Once, you create the playlist of your favorite movies, you will never run out of the content you want to watch.

This feature of the latest version of the Showbox will never let you get bore.

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No subscription or registration

Some people think that, if Showbox is providing you free movies then it must have an initial subscription. Well, that is not the case in Showbox.

You do not need to buy any subscription to play Showbox. Moreover, you will not even have to log in to the app to enjoy the Showbox.

The Showbox is free, and all the content on the Showbox latest version is also free.

High quality videos

All the movies, shows, videos you find on Showbox are of high quality. The lowest resolution you shall find on the latest version of the Showbox is 480p.

You can find the videos of the highest quality on Showbox. Most of the videos you find on the Showbox are of 720p or 1080p.

Some of the videos on the Showbox even support up to 4k resolution. However, if you want to enjoy the videos of 8k resolution on the app, the option is not available for now.

But there is no need to worry, as most of the videos you watch are either in Hd or FHD quality. In my personal opinion, 1080p resolution is more than enough for any video you want to stream.

Smooth streaming

Speaking of the high quality, another problem people face in movie streaming apps, even having a good internet connection, is frequent video buffering.

This seems to be not a problem in the latest version of Showbox 2020. At normal resolution, you will not find any video buffering in the app. However, if you are streaming movies online, and that too at the highest quality, then you may find a little buffering.

You can also find buffering in the videos if your internet connection is poor.

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Free download

Another amazing feature on the Showbox is its free downloading option. You can not only watch movies and songs on Showbox for free, but also you can download them for free.

free download showbox

By downloading any video, you can watch it whenever you want, even if you do not have any internet connection.

You can even share your downloaded video from the Showbox to any other device.

Download kinemaster for professional video editing.

Free subtitles

You can also download subtitles to any video you want to watch on Showbox 2020. Although, you will not find preinstalled subtitles on some of the videos you watch on Showbox.

But you can always download them from the Showbox 2020, if you want to read the subtitles.

No ads

One of the most loved features on the Showbox is the availability of no ads in the app while playing the videos. When you are watching any free video from third-party applications, many adds pop up on your screen and hinders your watching process.

Moreover, just to play the video you have to through a hell lots of adds. But this does not seem to be a problem in the latest version of Showbox 2020.

By the way, our youtube music premium apk is also ad-free.

Uploading Videos

Besides, downloading any video on the official Showbox 2020, you can also upload your videos on the app.

Uploading your videos will share your content with the others present on the Showbox app.

Great sound quality

Most of the videos you will find on the Showbox will have a very good sound quality. Also if you want to listen to the music on the app, the sound quality will not disappoint you.

You will also found no lag in between the video and sound frame.

External video player

If you do not like the inbuilt video player of the official app of Showbox 2020, then there is no need to be sad.

Showbox gives you the option to play your video using your favorite external video player, such as VLC, MX player, etc.

Although the inbuilt video player is not bad at all. However, if you are used to some other video player, then you might want to use it for streaming the videos on Showbox 2020.

Reviews and Ratings

Showbox also includes the review and rating of the movies available on it. These reviews and ratings help the users to find the best movies to stream online or download.

Showbox shows IMDB ratings, rotten tomatoes ratings, as well as Metacritic ratings for all the movies available on it.

Besides, that it also shows the reviews of the users, who have already watched those movies on Showbox. Both the ratings and reviews narrow down your search while searching for the perfect movie to watch.

Description and Cast

Showbox not only has the free movies for you, but it also has all the casting details of all the movies store on it.

Besides casting details, Showbox also has a little description of the movie you are going to watch on it. The app also provides you the box collection of any movie present on it.

So if you like any actor in any movie, you can find that actor real name just in the description. Now you can find all the other movies of that star on Showbox. This feature helps you in finding the movies you want to see.

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No adult content

You will find no pornography or such type of dirty adult content on the official latest version of Showbox 2020.

Upcoming movies

You can also find the list of all the upcoming movies, shows on the new version of Showbox.

Screencast option

You can also find the option of screencast on Showbox. So if you want to enjoy the movie on your tv, you simply need to open the movie in Showbox and use its screencast option to connect your android device to your tv.

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Showbox apk 2020-legal or not?

Many people have this concern, that whether using the Showbox is legal or not? The answer to their question is that, yes, it is illegal to use the Showbox app. This is also the reason, why the Showbox app is not available on play-sore.

Showbox provides you free movies, but all those movies violate the copyright policy, as implemented by the original creators. Showbox does not pay any penny to the copyright holder of the movies it provides on the app.

The government does not authorize Showbox. It is 100% illegal to use Showbox. Showbox is a third party movie streaming app, with no free copyright content.

Should you use Showbox apk?

As described above, watching anything on Showbox is illegal. So yes, you should not use Showbox for watching the movies. There are tons of better options than Showbox that are legal, such as Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, etc.

It is advised to you to use these legal apps, instead of watching content on Showbox.

If you watch any content on Showbox, then if the movie studios want they can watch your entire search history, they can also see your IP address if they want.

Moreover, you can not even bring any criminal responsibility to the Showbox for giving away all your information, as using it is not legal.

Also, the movie studios can file a case against you if you use the pirated content that you get on the Showbox. That is why we do not recommend you to use Showbox.

Safe way to use Showbox apk

If you want to use the Showbox without being traced, then you can use any premium VPN app for it. But again, even this method is not recommended.

It is again advised you to not use Showbox. But if you are willing to take the risk to use this app, then do use a VPN before launching the app.

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How does Showbox apk work?

A question that many people must have right now, will be if using the app is illegal then how come the app is still available on the internet? Well, this is where things get interesting.

The Showbox works on the thin borderline of legality. The app does not directly provide you the copyright content. Instead, the Showbox provides you a direct link to pirated movies and shows.

In short, the app does not store copyright content on its server, rather it acts as a middle man, and links you with the pirated content. That is also why using Showbox is illegal.

This principle of borderline legality, not only makes Showbox available on the internet, but also is the cause of its massive popularity on the internet.

official showbox apk 2020

Why Showbox apk ask for age and gender?

A question that is bothering many people is, why Showbox is asking for age and gender? Well, the Showbox app asks your age and gender to give you more personalized content for your ease.

We have already talked about the related video libraries on the Showbox. So knowing your age and gender, Showbox presents you with more specific videos corresponding to your age and gender.

Does Showbox leak your age and gender?

No, Showbox does not leak age, and gender of any of its users. However, if a movie company demands it, Showbox will give your personal information to them.

This is another reason, why we do not recommend you using Showbox.

Is Showbox apk the best movie streaming app?

No, you can not say that Showbox is the best movie streaming app. Because using it is illegal, we can never rank Showbox as the best movie streaming app.

If you want the best movie streaming app, you should go with Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, etc. But keep in mind, that all of these premium apps are paid.

You can say that Showbox, is one of the best free movie app right now. As right now, either most of the free movie apps are also illegal to use, or they do not have enough content on them, to be ranked as the best free movie app.

However, for amazing video editing use apps like kinemaster.

Why Showbox apk is not working?

There can be numerous reasons, why the Showbox app is not working. We have written down all the possible reasons and their solutions below:

Latest version

Most of the time, Showbox does not work because you are not using its latest version. In this article, we have already provided you the downloading link of the latest version of Showbox apk. So, now your 1 problem is solved.

Clearing cache and data

Even if you are using the latest version, sometimes Showbox stops working. In this condition, we recommend you going to the storage option of Showbox, and clearing out the cache and data of the app. Relaunch the app now it shall work.

why showbox app is not working

heavy traffic

Sometimes due to very heavy traffics on its servers, Showbox may stop working for a short amount of time. Although this is a very rare situation, and only a few users have reported it.


In some countries the official app of Showbox is ban; however, by using any premium VPN app, you can solve this issue.


Many companies submit law cases against Showbox. Sometimes the official app of Showbox may get suspend from working until it wins those law arguments. Keep in mind, that Showbox was not working from 2016 to 2018 due to the same problem.

Poor connection

Poor internet connection can also be a cause for Showbox to not work properly.

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Do I need to pay to watch videos on Showbox?

No, you will not have to spend a single penny to watch any content on Showbox as it is 100% free.

Is Showbox available on Google Play or the App Store?

No, due to legal issues Showbox is not available on both Google Play or the App Store. However, you can download the apk file of Showbox.

Is Showbox Legal?

No, using the app of Showbox is 100% illegal.

Are there adds on Showbox?

No, you will not see even a single add while using the Showbox official app.

What can I watch on Showbox?

You can watch whatever you want on the app. Movies of all the genres and ages are available on Showbox.


As a final verdict, we can say that Showbox apk is probably the best free movie streaming app present out there. The number of free movies, shows on Showbox are not limited.

Downloading Showbox apk gives you access to countless free content that you can either stream online or download for free. We do not recommend you to download Showbox.

Before downloading Showbox do not forget, that using Showbox is illegal. For watching the movies legally you can use NetFlix and other such paid apps. Altogether, Showbox is an excellent app where you can watch all of your favorite movies for free.

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