Street Racing 3D Latest v.6.41

If you want to enjoy a good racing simulator game on a very low budget phone or your phone does not have enough memory storage remaining, then you should try Street Racing 3D.

Street Racing 3D Mod Apk

Developed by Ivy, this game has a very positive rating, especially considering that this game has more than 100,000,000+ downloads and is more than 3 years old.

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Street Racing 3D Unlimited Money, Unlimited Diamonds


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Street Racing 3D

Street Racing 3D is a racing simulator game designed for the people who want to race on the streets. Use your favorite vehicles and show your driving skills and become the king of the street racing.

Buy different cars, upgrade them and customize them according to your taste and then go on the streets and amaze everyone with your exceptional driving skills.

Compete with your friends and other players and show them why you are the king of street racing. Use nitro and drifts in your racing and destroy the opponents’ cars.

Race in different and unique modes of streets and win diamonds and earn coins. Use them to buy superior cars and try to come at the top of the leaderboard in the Street Racing 3D game.


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You can find all the key features of the street racing 3d game below in a very detail manner:

Street themed Maps

As the name suggests in street racing 3d, you will get to race on different streets. You will find unbelievable dangerous turns on the streets, only great skills of drifting will help you drive in these dangerous streets.

If your car gets slammed at any side of the street while moving at high speed, it will get destroyed, and you will have to wait till your car gets ready to race again the same race. So be very careful while racing on the rough streets.

Another great thing about the maps of the game is that you will find different maps in the street racing 3d game.

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PVP mode

There is also a player VS player mode in street racing where you can compete against other online players. Also, you can start a race against your friends in this mode as the game enables you to connect your Facebook account with the game.

So, enter the PVP mode, challenge your friends and show them your exceptional street racing skills in the game.

A great number of cars

What makes a racing game interesting is the number of the cars and maps in the game. Well, street racing 3d has got both a good number of maps as well as a great number of cars, especially when we see the size of the game.

At present, the game has more than 30 cars, and this number increases with the updates now and then. Also, the cars fall into different categories such as C, B, A, S. S level cars are the highest level of the cars, you will find in the street racing 3d game.

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High speed racing and drifting

Since it’s a racing game, if you do not master high-speed racing and drifting skills, you can not win the races. Also, collect the nitro in the race to give you car a boost.

Leader board score

Come at the top of the online leaderboard in the street racing 3d in PVP mode and prove to everyone that you are the king of the street racing.

Customize your cars

Street racing 3d also gives you the option to create your favorite car in the game. Upgrade different parts of your cars, such as suspension, engine, and breaks. Make your car yours by customizing its color and changing its alloy rims in the game.

Time Rewards

The developer has also included time rewards in the latest updated version of the street racing 3d game. So if you play the game regularly, you will also get rewards, in form of coins, diamonds, and cars in the game.


This game is not perfect, as you will find a lot of the in-built ads in the street racing 3d. Also, the smoothness and graphics of the game are low-level when compared to the asphalt or other high-level android racing games.

But still, the graphics of the game are exceptional when you consider the size of the game that is less than 100MB. Keep in mind that the size of asphalt and other alike games is around 2GB.

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Street Racing 3d Premium Features

The features that are exclusive to this version of the street racing 3d are below:

Unlimited Money

Money is important for both buying the cars and upgrading them in street racing 3d. But earning money and coins can consume a lot of your time.

This is where the game comes in, as by this latest street racing 3d version, you will get unlimited money from the start of the game.

Unlimited Diamonds

Diamonds are the most difficult to earn in the street racing 3d game. But by this street racing 3d version, you will get unlimited blue diamonds from the beginning of the game.

Street Racing 3D Unlimited Money, Unlimited Diamonds Mod Apk

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Is this street racing 3d safe to use?

Yes, we have tried this latest version of the street racing 3d game on different devices, and every time the game was working fine on every device.

What will I get in this street racing 3d version?

Both the money and diamonds are difficult to gain in the street racing 3d game. But in this file of the street racing game, you will get unlimited diamonds and coins.

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As for our conclusion, we can say that if you want to enjoy racing games on your phone but your little available memory does not allow it, then street racing 3d can be a great option for you.

Moreover, by the latest working Street Racing 3D, you will get unlimited money and unlimited diamonds in the game from the very start of the game.

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