THOP TV APK Latest Official Version 41.0

If you are interested in having a Mini TV in your pocket on which you can watch live TV broadcast channels and live sport, then give a try to ThOP TV APK


Even not being available on Google Play Store, the app has gained massive popularity. And if you are someone from India, then you must have at least heard of this app, or you must have already used it once.

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REQUIRED VERSIONAndroid v4.4and up

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Mini  live TV

Thop TV is not just an app rather it is more like having a mini TV as this app lets you watch all the live channels on your smartphone. 

Huge Database

The app has a huge database as many reports claim that it has more than 3000 International TV channels and more than 3000 movies stored in its database.

All Type of Channels

Speaking of channels, Thop TV has a great variety of channels on it such as TV channels, Cartoons Channels, Sports Channels, News Channels, etc. This feature is one of the major reasons for this app to get so much popularity.


Thoptv is not only limited to TV channels, as it has a huge number of Bollywood and Hollywood movies store in its database. 

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Free web Series

Some consumers of the thoptv also claims that you can find a few Netflix web series for free at Thop TV Apk.

Radio Channels

A new feature that has been added to the latest version of Thop TV is the availability of live radio channels in the app.

Sport Channels

Sports channels on Thop TV are very popular because of their live coverage of sports for free at Thop TV APK. From cricket to tennies, you can find almost all types of sports for free on thoptv.

Live Cricket coverage

Not only the international sports, but also you can find famous domestic leagues for free at thop tv. Live Cricket coverage is the major reason for the massive popularity of Thop TV in India. 

High-Quality Video

ThopTV supports both the HD and UHD format, so there’s no need to worry about the video quality on this app.

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Live MX PLAYER Support

If you are a big fan of MX Player, then there is good news for you as you can directly integrate MX Player into Thoptv.


In the Thop TV, all the channels are organized into their respective categories, so that the users do not get confused while using the app.

Make your favorite list

You can also make a list of your favorite TV channels, Sports channels, and movies in the Thop TV by ease.

Search by Genre

Because of the categories in the app, you can also search the TV channels by their respective genre.

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User-Friendly Interface

You will face no difficulty while using the thoptv,  because of its simple and basic user-friendly interface. 


Thoptv app is compatible with Android, Linux, Mac, and PC. Unfortunately, Thop TV does not support the iOS Platform yet.

International Channels

Although Thop tv is a product of India, but it still offers many international channels for free.

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Thop TV Isuues and Problems

Like every other app thoptv is not perfect, and has some issues and problems. 

Thop TV APK not working

The main reason for thoptv not working would be using an outdated version of the app. To fix this problem, install the latest updated version of the thoptv APK. 

But the main problem is that thoptv announces updates frequently, and most of the time, websites do not have those that those updated versions. 

To get the latest updated apks and mod apks you can visit this site.

Not available on Play Store

Let me make it clear, Thoptv is not a legal app. Due to numerous copyright claims from various TV broadcast channels you will not find Thop TV on Google Play Store or any other app store.

Region Specific

By region-specific, we do not mean that thoptv have only particular region TV channels. What we mean is that if some TV channel is blocked in your country, then even by using the thop TV, you will not be able to access that channel. 

However, using Premium VPN service you can access any region specific content too.

Why Download Thop Tv?

As for the question of whether you should download thoptv or not? It’s simple if you want to enjoy live TV channels on your phone, then give a go to thoptv.

Also, if you are a big cricket fan, then you must try thoptv as it covers all the cricket matches live for free.

Thoptv is not only limited to cricket you will also find great comedy shows and various radio channels on it.

Bottom line, if you want to enjoy live entertainment channels on your phone for free, then my friend download thoptv APK. 

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There is also a premium membership of thop tv, unfortunately, there is no mod version of thop tv to get the premium membership for free. Features of thop tv premium version are below:

  • No adds
  • Video downloading available
  • Support up to five different devices

Note: Videos will be downloaded in the internal memory of phone and will be only playable using thoptv app. Also, your membership can get banned if you shared the downloaded videos with the others.


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Note: Now, you can also download and install the latest official thop tv apk on FireStick and Fire TV for free.

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We have tried to answer the most asked question about thop tv below:

Is thoptv safe to use?

Yes, this latest official version of thop tv is safe to use it will not harm your mobile. We have also tried this apk on many different devices, and none of them was affected by it.

Is this app illegal?

Yes, as thop tv violates the copyright policy of the various channels and gives you their content free, it is an illegal app. That is why thoptv apk is also not available on trusted platforms like the play store.

But still, if you do not want to be caught in this illegal act, then use any VPN app and avoid sharing the downloaded thoptv content with the other.

Can I watch cricket on thoptv?

Yes, you can not only watch any cricket match live or its recorded version on thop tv for free, but also you can watch any other live sport on thop tv.

How can I update my thoptv apk?

If you have any outdated version of thoptv, then you can either directly update it within the app using the direct download option or you can download the latest updated version of the thoptv from this webpage.

Note: After downloading the updated version of thoptv, delete the previously outdated version of the app so that the thoptv can work properly.

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Wrapping up this article, we can say that Thoptv is one of the best app for anyone who wishes to have a TV in his/her pocket. Moreover, the fact that THOPTV is a free app takes the awesomeness of this apk to a whole different level.

So what are you waiting for, Download the latest official working version of thoptv now to enjoy all the live TV channels, Sports Channels, Cricket matches, Comedy shows, Live Radio telecasts, and movies for free? 

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