Traffic Rider Latest Version 1.70

If you are a big bike enthusiast and like to play endless games on your phone, then, believe me, you will love traffic rider.


Traffic rider, does this name rings a bell in your mind? Yeah, you guessed it right, this game is the sibling of traffic racer and is the product of the same developer Soner Kara.

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Traffic Rider


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Traffic Rider offers you a first-person perspective gameplay. The game controls are very easy to learn and implement in the Traffic Rider game.

Both the sound and the graphics are marvelous in traffic rider. As for the plot, there is no such plot of the game, you simply have to choose the mode you want to play and ride the bike.

A lot of the great bikes like SK 1200, GSR 1300, FX 10S, AURA, etc in the game, will never let you get bore of the game.

Also, when you ride any bike in the traffic Rider, you will never have to worry about the fuel. If you ask me to describe the traffic rider in a single line I will say: No fuel, No timers, a great biking game with never-ending fun.

traffic rider premium version

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So now let us talk about all the features that are responsible for 100,000,000+ installs of this game.

First-person view

You are going to get only a first-person perspective view in the traffic Rider game, don’t ignore the game because it’s only available in one viewing option. Because believe me, the first-person perspective view is the best viewing option when playing traffic rider.

When riding a heavy bike in the traffic Rider, the FPP gives you the most realistic feeling.

A great number of motorbikes

Another thing that makes the traffic Rider so amazing is the number of bikes that are available in the game.

Besides the great number of bikes, you will also find all the types of different bikes in the Traffic Rider game. From a simple scooty to a heavy bike, every type of bike is present in the game.

At the time this article is being written, there are 29 different bikes in the game, and with various updates, these number of bikes keep on increasing. For example, in the recent update, two more bikes were added to the game.

Real bike sounds

To make the game more realistic and enjoyable, the developer of the traffic Rider has added real bike sounds to the game.

Due to this feature, whenever you ride a bike in the traffic rider, you will feel like riding on a real bike because of the sound of the engine.

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Different Environments

Different environmental variations in the traffic Rider make this game even more interesting. For example, you get to decide whether you want to ride your bike in the noon, in the evening, or the night.

You also get to choose between four different landscapes; city, Highway, desert, winter. Sometime, you will ride your bike under the hot sun, whereas sometime you will be enjoying the biking in rain while playing the traffic rider.

Different modes

What makes traffic rider even more interesting is the diversity of the modes you will get in the game. There is a career mode, an endless mode, time trial, and free ride mode in traffic rider.

In career mode, you need to finish the different missions; at present, there are 70+ missions in this particular mode.

The endless mode is my favorite mode, and in this mode, you will ride your bike till you bump it into the other vehicles or objects.

In the time trial mode of traffic rider, you race your bike against the time.

The free ride mode is more like a practice mode in which you can ride your bike for as long as you want to ride it; you do not need to worry about hitting the other vehicles or catching up to the time in this mode.

Also, you can choose whether you want to ride on a one-way road or a two-way road in this game.

Online leaderboards and more than 30 achievements take the awesomeness of traffic ride to a completely other level.

Support for multiple languages

Because the traffic rider has too much popularity and such a high number of downloads, this game supports 19 languages.

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Customization and Upgrades

You can both upgrade your bike’s engine as well as customize it according to your taste in the traffic rider game.

Smooth gameplay even on low-end devices

Even if you have a very low-end device, still you will be able to play traffic rider at very good and high-quality graphics. Also, you do not need to have an active internet connection to play traffic rider.

Unlimited money and gold

Both the money and gold are important to buy the bikes and upgrading them. Also, the different landscapes and time of the day in which you want to play the game are first bought using money.

But to get the money and gold coins, you need to complete missions and play the game for a very long period of time.

But in this version of the traffic rider, you will get unlimited money and gold coins. You will never have to worry about saving the money as you will get unlimited money in this latest version of traffic rider.

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All the bikes Unlocked

In the traffic rider, you will get a very low end scooty at the beginning of the game. You will need to complete different missions and save money to buy good bikes.

But in this latest version of traffic rider, you will get all of the bikes unlocked from the very start of the game.

Now the bikes will not be unlocked directly, rather with the unlimited money you get in this version you will be able to buy any bike which you want just after starting the game for the first time.

traffic rider unlimited money, gold coins, and all bikes unlocked

unlimited upgrades

In this traffic rider version, you can upgrade any of your bike to the maximum limit. You can also customize your bike as you want because of the unlimited money and unlimited gold coins.

Other features

Some of the other features of traffic rider include setting of the extra lives to maximum value. Moreover, you can also unlock and activate all the features of the traffic rider game using this version.

Also, you will find a double cash feature in this version, which will increase the cash that you get after every ride by 2 times.

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Game Controls

The game controls of traffic rider are both simple and realistic at the same time. You can also change the major game controls according to your taste.

The default game controls include an accelerator on the bottom right and a brake on the bottom left of the screen. Tilting of your mobile act as the steering of your bike. Then you will also find a horn and a one-wheel button on the screen.

Game Controls

If you do not like the tilting of your phone for controlling the direction of your bike, then you can change the tilt option with the buttons, handlebar, or gamepad option to use as a steering.

You can also change the sensitivity of the steering in the traffic rider. You can also change the speed unit to KMH or MPH.

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Tips and Tricks

The faster you ride your bike, the more the scores you get in the traffic rider. Also, if you are playing on a two-way road, then by riding on the opposing lane, you will receive more cash and score.

When you overtake any vehicle by a very close gap, you will get an additional score and bonus. Also, by performing wheelies, you will again get extra cash and score.

Playing in the night will increase your score by 30%, whereas riding in the evening will increase your score by 15%.

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Is traffic Rider version safe to use?

Yes, we have tried this latest version of the traffic rider on different devices, and it is both safe to use and working .

Will I get unlimited money in this traffic rider?

Yes, you will get unlimited money, gold coins, and all the bikes and features unlocked in this version of traffic rider.

What is the best bike in traffic rider?

As of now, MK450S and AURA are the two of the best and fastest bikes in the traffic rider game. Among these two MK450S is the faster bike.

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As of our conclusion, we can say that currently, traffic rider is one of the best biking games available on phones and its huge number of downloads and positive reviews prove this point.

However, by this latest version of the traffic rider, you will not have to save money to buy your favorite bikes, as you will get more than enough money to buy any bike that you want in this version of the game.

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