Truecaller Premium Apk Download Latest 11.28.7 Version

How often have you received spam calls from unknown numbers trying to sell you stupid services? If you are like me, frustrated by these calls, then you must give a try to Truecaller premium apk.

truecaller premium apk

On July 1, 2009, True Software Scandinavia AB announced this app, which later become one of the worlds most popular spam blocking app. 

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Truecaller Premium Apk

DEVELOPERTrue Software Scandinavia AB

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Download Truecaller Premium Apk Latest Version

The premium version of the truecaller comes at $0.99 a month. So, either you can pay that money and get truecaller, or you can simply install the premium version of truecaller at Apksoil.

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Features of Simple Version of Truecaller

Auto Detection and Blocking of Spam

The most popular feature on truecaller is its ability to not only detect spam calls but to block them. The same is the case with the messages. It will automatically detect and block spam messages from unknown numbers.

You must be wondering how can an app do this. Well, truecaller has its community-based spam list, which is regularly updated by its users. Speaking of the users, truecller has more than 5 million users, which regularly updates this spam list.

Also, the algorithm of truecaller is so good that it automatically identifies and blocks many spam numbers.

So now thanks to truecaller, you are safe from the spam calls of telemarketers, robot callers, scammers, fraud, sales, and more.

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Smart and Safe Messaging

Just like the calls, truecaller automatically identifies and blocks spam messages for you. But for messages, you get to play with more options. For instance, truecaller organizes your messages into three folders i.e Personal, Other, and Spam.

You also get the option of flash messaging, in both the free and premium versions of truecaller.

There is also a schedule SMS mode, which you can use simply by long-pressing the send button on the truecaller SMS board.

Auto-identification of unknown number

Not only truecaller identifies spam numbers and block them, but also it identifies the callers of the unknown numbers which you receive at your phone.

You can also copy any number, and truecaller will tell you who owns that number.

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Free Chat

If you have a wifi connection, then you can chat and call your friends with truecaller for free. However, this feature of the truecaller is miles behind than that of the WhatsApp and other popular chat apps.


You can backup all of your truecaller calls and SMS history to google drive and restore it whenever you want. So, now even if you lost your phone, you will never lose your truecaller history.

Advance Blocking system

Using this feature, you can block all the numbers of a particular country, or you can get rid of all the numbers having the same sequence of digits in them. You can also block the particular numbers which you want.

You can also share your contribution in a community-based spam list of truecaller.

However, to use this advance blocking system to its maximum potential, you need to have the premium version of truecaller.

truecaller mod apk latest version

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Features of Truecaller Premium version

Before discussing the features of truecaller mod apk in detail, you need to understand that there are two premium versions of the app. One is the normal premium version, and the other is the gold premium version.

No ads

Almost all the apps in their premium versions include no ads. Truecaller also follows the same tradition. You will get no adds in any premium version of the truecaller.

So if you were frustrated at the ads for suddenly popping up out of nowhere and wasting your sweet time, then you need to use the truecaller premium version.

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Know the Person who Viewed your Profile Id

At this point, you must be thinking from where did my profile come out of nowhere. Well, to use the app you will need to set up your profile first.

Similarly, you can also see the truecaller profiles of the other users.

So when you are using the premium version, you can see who has viewed your profile.

Private viewing

You shall be wondering now that if you can know who has viewed you, the reverse is also possible. Well, with the premium version, this does not seem to be a problem.

You can simply enter into the incognito mode of the truecaller hack(cracked) apk and view anyone’s profile without them having the slightest of the idea.

Premium membership badge

I will not call it a feature, rather it is just a showpiece. When you have the premium membership, you will get a badge.

So whenever you call someone or when anyone views your profile, they will know that you are a premium member of the trucaller.

Advance filtering and blocking

The advance blocking feature of truecaller gets to a whole different level when you become the premium member.

In addition to advance blocking, you also get the advanced filtering options with the latest version of the truecaller premium apk.

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Contact Requests

With the premium membership, you get up to 30 contact requests per month, which you can send to other truecaller users.

Record phone calls

You can record all the calls which you have either received or called on the premium version of the truecaller mod apk.

You can also backup the recording of these calls into google drive so that you can use them when you want.

Note: If you are using a phone with Android Pie or above, then this feature of the truecaller will not work.

Google has forcefully turned down this feature. But if you can not live without this feature, then you need to root your phone(rooting of the phone is not recommended).

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Truecaller Gold

It is the most expensive and premium version of the truecaller. Truecaller gold does not have many upgrades over the premium version. Its value comes from its name. Features of Truecaller Gold are below:

  • All the features that you receive in the premium membership are present in the gold version.
  • In addition to those features, in the gold version, you get the gold caller id.
  • Also, you get the quickest and the best support from the truecaller’s team.
truecaller gold

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Truecaller Gold vs Truecaller Premium

One of the most demanded questions about the premium versions of truecaller is:

Which is better truecaller gold or truecaller premium?

Both the versions are almost the same, with the main difference being the gold id, which you get only in the gold version.

To put it in simple words, Truecaller Gold is like buying a phone with gold plating, now this phone does not have any additional features, it is simply for the show-off.

If you are someone who cares about looking rich, or you just want to waste your money, then you can buy the Gold version of Truecaller.

But if you do not want to spend any money on the premium membership of truecaller, then you can download it for free at

How to Install Truecaller Premium Apk?

If this is your first time downloading from apksoil, or downloading from any other third party website, then you may need to read the installation guide given below:

  • Firstly, find the download button on this page.
  • Now click on it.
  • You will be redirected to the downloading page.
  • Wait for your link to get ready.
  • Clicking on it will prompt the downloading of truecaller premium apk.
  • Wait for the completion of the downloading of the truecaller.
  • Now go to the file manager, and open the internal storage of your phone.
  • Open the download folder, and find your downloaded truecaller apk file.
  • Clicking on it will prompt the installation of truecaller gold apk.
  • Allow the installation from unknown sources.
  • Wait till the installation finishes off.
  • Open the app, and you are ready to become the premium member of the truecaller app.
download truecaller premium apk

note: In some countries, truecaller is banned, so check if it is available in your country before you download the truecaller hack apk.

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How to set up my truecaller account?

Setting up your truecaller account is piece of cake. Just follow the steps which are written below:

  • Open the truecaller app on your phone.
  • Allow it to make and manage calls, SMS, etc.
  • Locate the get started button on your screen, and click it.
  • Enter your valid phone number.
  • Truecaller will confirm your number by sending you a confirmation call, so make sure to give a valid number.
  • After the confirmation of your number, a sign-up screen will appear on your truecaller app.
  • The sign-up screen of truecaller is similar to that of any other app, it will ask you to enter your first name, last, name, email, or you can also sign up by using your Facebook account, or Gmail.
  • Now truecaller will give you a step by step guide which you can either read or skip.
  • Congratulation, you have just set up your truecaller account, also make sure that you have given all the permissions to this app so that it can work properly and block all the spam calls for you.
how to set up truecaller account

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Is it safe to use truecaller?

Yes, it is safe as truecaller never uploads your phonebook or makes it available to the public. Its more than 5 million+ download also tells you that how trustworthy is the app.

Is this Truecaller Premium apk safe?

This latest version of truecaller premium apk provided on apk soil has been tested again and again on many devices and it is working and safe to use.

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As of our final verdict, we can easily say that truecller premium apk is one of the best call blocking and identifying apps present at the moment.

By using truecaller you shall get rid of all the spam calls trying to sell you stupid services, or telling you that you have won half a million-dollar lottery, etc.

Automated robot calls will also no more waste your busy time, as they would be already blocked by the truecaller app.

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