Turbo VPN Latest Pro 3.3.5 Version

If you are an active VPN user, then you may have heard the name of Turbo VPN . As this VPN has more than 100 million+ downloads, and it is maintaining them with an astonishing star rating of 4.5.

Turbo VPN

Due to a high number of amazing features, even its free version is considered to be very good when compared to the other mobile-specific VPNs.

Developed by Innovative Connecting, this VPN is available on both the ios and android.

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Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN
Category tools
User Reviews4.5
Current Version3.3.5
Required VersionVaries with device
DeveloperInnovative Connecting
OSAndroid, IOS

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Why choose Turbo VPN?

Should I install the Turbo VPN or not?

The answer is simple, if you want to access blocked content or you want to protect yourself from online trackers, or you do not want to leave any trace of your activity on the internet then, definitely give a try to Turbo VPN or any other good VPN.

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Features of Turbo VPN

A very Secure VPN

One of the major reasons for using a VPN is online protection and security. In the security department Turbo VPN stands in the list of the best VPN available at the moment.

Due to Military-grade AES 128-bit encryption, Turbo VPN provides you the absolute protection. Turbo VPN gives you an option to choose between IPsec protocols and OpenVPN protocols, so that you can mask your online identity.

Also if you are using any app or website, which is notorious for tracking, then the Automatic Kill Switch of Turbo VPN will prevent you from being tracked.

Turbo Vpn also makes sure that you have not left any trace or any piece of information online.

Even if you are using a public hotspot, Turbo VPN will provide you the maximum online security by securing that connection.

A good number of Servers

These days you can find many free VPNs with only 2-3 servers. The problem with these VPNs is that if those servers are busy or far from you, then the resulting speed you receive is too low.

Fortunately, you will find a good number of different severs while using Turbo VPN, especially in the VIP mode.

Also, the Turbo VPN can itself choose the best server to connect, to give you the best speed. However, the option to manually connect to any particular server of your likeness is also available.

Access to Blocked apps and websites

Another big reason for using a VPN is to get access to apps and websites that are blocked in your particular region. For example, if in your region youtube music app is ban then you can access it with a turbo VPN without issues.

Like every other VPN, Turbo VPN supports your access to those types of content.

So now if your government bans an app for national security or ethical reasons, you can enjoy it simply by connecting to Turbo VPN.

Bypass Firewalls

Many times in schools, students know the school wifi password, but are unable to connect to it. The reason is that the school has put a firewall on their hotspot.

Once the firewall detects your IP, you can no longer use the wifi. But with Turbo VPN, you can bypass firewalls and connect to wifi hotspot easily.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling is a feature that is not available on every free VPN. You can access split tunneling in both the premium and free version of the Turbo VPN.

This feature enables you to use the VPN for only those specific apps that you want.

Support multiple neetworks

Some VPNs only support wifi, and when you connect to cellular data, they are unable to connect. However, with Turbo VPN you can connect to any type of network such as WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all the other mobile data carriers.

User-friendly interface

The simple and basic UI of Turbo VPN gives it a very user-friendly interface.

Turbo VPN features

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Features of VIP Premium Turbo VPN

Now let us discuss all the premium features of Turbo VIP VPN in detail:

Turbo VIP Premium

No ads

The free version of Turbo contains too many ads that sometime it may end up annoying you. But the premium version is ad-free, so now you can have secure access to everything without any ad popping up.

More servers

Even the free version has up to 6 servers, but the premium version has more than 29 servers.

The advantage of more servers is that if any server is busy at a moment or far from you, then you can simply choose any other one which is offering you better speed at that moment.

Putting it simply, the more the servers, the better your chances of getting good speed.

Single account for five Devices

If you buy the VIP Turbo VPN then you can use your single premium account for 5 different devices.

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Special Streaming Servers

Most of the streaming sites have advance blocking and encryption system, so even many VPNs can not give you access to them, even those VPNs that give you access to those sites end up causing too much buffering in your videos.

But due to the special streaming servers of Turbo VPN, you can enjoy those streaming sites without too much buffering.

So if you want to stream Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Fox, you can do it without much buffering on the streaming servers of Turbo VPN.

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10x faster connection

Innovative Connecting claims that with the great number of servers, you will get up to 10x faster connection.

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Drawbacks of Turbo VPN

Before discussing the drawbacks of Turbo VPN, you need to understand that these cons do not prove that the app is bad at all. All the drawbacks of Turbo VPN are mentioned below:

 Mobile-only service

Turbo VPN provides only a mobile-specific service. If you want a VPN for both the computer and mobile, then Turbo VPN is not for you.

Even the premium version of Turbo VPN is made only by keeping in mind the comfort of mobile users. Also Turbo VPN does not provide an Anti-malware or adblocking service.

Turbo VPN Keep Logs

Even after advertising their service as a no-log service, Turbo VPN keeps a lot of your information which is a real shame.

The fact that Turbo VPN is a no-log service is further proved by its privacy policy page. In their privacy policy, it has been clearly described that they collect almost all sort of the user data.

Not the best VPN for Torrenting

Turbo VPN does not support P2P connection making it clearly, not the best option for torrent users. However, most of the VPN does not support this function, so it is not that big of a deal.

If you have a bit torrent account, then do not use Turbo VPN simultaneously with it, otherwise your account may get blocked.

Minor Stability Issues

Turbo VPN will itself choose the best optimal server, but you can connect to any other server manually. But many times, after connecting to the server manually, they will crash after a little while.

This crashing of the servers may end up causing stability issues in your VPN service.

Poor Customer Service

Although the Turbo VPN does provide 24/7 customer support, but in reality most of the time you will receive only automated messages.

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Better Alternatives for Turbo VPN

The premium version of Turbo VPN is good but does not come in the list of best premium VPNs. Some of the best premium VPNs at the moment are Nord VPN, Express VPN, Cyber Ghost, etc.

But it does not mean that Turbo VPN is bad, its free version is one of the best VPN services at the moment. So if you are comfortable with Turbo VPN, then there is no need for you to switch to any other VPN.


Is this modded Turbo VPN apk safe to use?

Yes, we have tried this latest working Turbo VPN on different devices, and the tests confirm that it is both working and safe to use.

Is the Turbo VPN the best VPN?

Turbo VPN is a very good VPN service, but still, when it comes to best, it can not outrank Nord VPN or Express VPN.

Should I buy Turbo VPN on an annual basis or monthly basis?

If you want to buy the premium service of Turbo VPN, then purchasing on an annual basis will save you more money. At the time this article was published, Turbo VPN Premium charges were $11.99 per month or $35.99 per year.

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As for our conclusion, we can say that Turbo VPN will secure your net, and its streaming servers will never let you get bore. You will get access to both the blocked contents, and firewall-protected hotspot by the Turbo VPN.

Also, due to the great number of server options in the Turbo Pro VPN, you will not face a serious decrease in the speed.

Due to basic user-friendly interface Turbo VPN is very easy and simple to use.

By using this version of turbo premium VPN you will get an ad-free, as well as, all the pro features unlocked version of the Turbo VPN for free.

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