How to Upload Apk File on a WordPress Website?

If you are running a WordPress website and want to upload an apk file on your website but do not know the way to do it, then you are in the right place.

upload apk file on website

As in today’s article, I am going to share with you different working ways that will allow you to upload apk file on your website. Note that with a little tweak in these methods, you will be able to upload other non permitted mime types on your website too.

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Problem with Uploading Apk File on WordPress Website

By default, WordPress does not allow you to upload certain types of files like pdf and apk on the website due to various security purposes.

If you try to upload them, it will give you an error like this and will not upload apk file on the website:

 not uploading on wordpress

You will get the same error with many other mime types too, if you upload them on the WordPress website.

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Ways to Upload APK Files on WordPress Website

You can upload apk files or other non-allowed mime types( exe, apk, SVG, pdf, and PSD files ) on your WordPress website by following the methods given below:

  • Using WP Add Mime Types Plugin
  • Uploading the file on any cloud and sharing the link
  • Adding a snippet in functions.php of your theme
  • Editing Wp-config.php in C-pannel
  • Compressing the file and uploading it

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1.Using WP Add Mime Types Plugin

The best and most efficient way to upload apk file on a WordPress website is using a plugin “WP Add Mime Types”.

This plugin is developed by Kimiya Kitani and it lets you upload any mime-type that you want on WordPress. This plugin has a 4.5-star rating and is the easiest way to upload the apk file on the website.

After activating the plugin, go to the setting and there in the add value section add the below code and save your configuration:

 apk = application/ 

After adding the code, you will be able to upload your desired apk without any problem. Note you can alo use this plugin to upload other mime-type by adding their respective codes.

upload apk file using wp add mime type plugin

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2.Uploading the file on any cloud and sharing the link

Another easier way to share your apk file with your users is by using any cloud service. Simply, upload your file on any cloud such as google drive, one drive etc and then get its shareable link and paste it on your post on your website.

When you are using this method, make sure that anyone with the shared link can access your apk file. You can also use this method to share the other non-allowed files on your WordPress Website.

sharing apk downloadable link on website

3.Adding a snippet in functions.php of your theme

Click on the theme editor present in the appearance option available at your WordPress dashboard. Now locate the function.php file and go to the bottom of the file and there add the code snippet available below and update your file:

 add_filter(‘upload_mimes’, ‘allow_custom_mimes’); function allow_custom_mimes ( $existing_mimes=array() ) { // ‘ with mime type ‘application/’ $existing_mimes[‘apk’] = ‘application/’; return $existing_mimes; } 

Now you shall be able to upload apk file on your site.

4.Editing Wp-config.php in C-pannel

Go to the C-pannel of your website and locate the Wp-config.php file and edit it by selecting the edit option present at the top menu. In the PHP code editor page, add the below code and save your changes:

editing wp-config.php for wordpress

Note be careful using this method, otherwise you may receive syntax error 500 on your website.

5.Compressing the file and uploading it

You can also compress your apk file and then upload it on your WordPress Website. However, many times compressing the file ends up in a not working file.

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I am hopeful that now you will be able to upload your apk file on the website without any problems. Using the above methods, you can also upload other non-permitted mime file types on your WordPress website.

However, according to my analysis, “wp add mime type plugin” is the best option when it comes to upload non-permitted files on WordPress without issues.

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